Surat (sur 'ət) n.

consciousness, awareness.

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Educational Projects

The Gurmat Literacy Project

The Gurmat Literacy Project provides innovative and dynamic resources for learning about basic gurmat ideals. These resources employ various teaching approaches to help us better understand Sikh principles and integrate these values into our daily lives. The Gurmat Literacy Project is composed of educational packages, workshops, and conferences including the Surat Sikh Conference in January and the Surat Emerging Leaders Conference in July. We aim to make gurmat principles more easily accessible and widely available, and our long-term goal is to encourage and inspire Guru-centered living.

The Health Project

The Health Project focuses on improving the wellbeing of Sikhs in North America and Punjab through education. We provide accessible resources to spread awareness about major health threats to our community, from cardiovascular disease to the rise of cancer in Punjab. The focus of the project is preventative health. Our team is managed by a diverse group of individuals both within and outside of the field of medicine. Leaders of the Health Project are affiliated with major U.S. hospitals including Columbia University, Cornell University, and Harvard University.

The Social Justice Project

The Social Justice Project provides educational resources related to the major issues with which the Sikh community is engaged. The issues covered range from Human Rights to the current economic and environmental crisis in Punjab. The Surat Fauj Running Club is one of the vehicles of education under this project, and each race by our team is in support of a particular cause. As a part of the Social Justice Project, Surat is collaborating with Ensaaf to create the 2014 Remembrance Project, which commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Human Rights Violations in Punjab through art and media.

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