Surat (sur 'ət) n.

consciousness, awareness.

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The Gurmat Literacy Project

The Gurmat Literacy Project provides innovative and dynamic resources for learning about basic gurmat ideals. These resources employ various teaching approaches to help us better understand Sikh principles and integrate these values into our daily lives. The Gurmat Literacy Project is composed of educational packages, workshops, and conferences including the Surat Sikh Conference in January and the Surat Emerging Leaders Conference in July. We aim to make gurmat principles more easily accessible and widely available, and our long-term goal is to encourage and inspire Guru-centered living.

Surat Sikh Conference 2017

Our flagship program, the annual Surat Sikh Conference, will take place in New York and New Jersey this upcoming January during the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. We are excited about our theme this year, which is especially relevant in today's context -- Chardi Kala: Seeking Justice through the Spirit of Love.

The conference will be geared toward individuals that want to learn about Sikhi and create positive change, and the programs will feature interactive workshops, guest speakers, an evening banquet, open mic night, and creative arts sessions. 


This year, our conference will take place on January 13-16. Registration will be opening on Saturday, December 17.  In the past, our registration has filled within 24-48 hours, so make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you all there!

The Sohila Package

The Gurmat Literacy Project brings you the Sohila Package, an extensive resource and guide for learning and teaching Sohila. Included in the package is a translation of Sohila, lesson plans, a powerpoint presentation, recitation of Sohila, children's tutorials created in collaboration with Camp Sikh Virsa, and supplemental readings. All of our materials are completely open source and available for free download and use at home, at camps and retreats, or at gurduaras.


View and Download the Sohila Package

Turban Day Makes a Splash in the Media

The Turban Day Package is a resource created by the Literacy Project Team to assist college students in putting together a Turban Day at their university. The package comes complete with resources for spreading awareness on Sikhi, a guide and checklist for putting together the event, and a grant from Surat for running a Turban Day on your campus! Check out some of the media reactions below.



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