Surat (sur 'ət) n.

consciousness, awareness.

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The 1984 Remembrance Project Archive

2014 marks the 30 years since the June and November violence against Sikhs in India. Every day, for the year 2014, a historical item will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter pages to commemorate 1984. Our purpose is to provide a historical context to the violence. 

The Rape of Punjab: Indian State's Indignities on Sikh Women and Children
This report, compiled by the International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) of the Indian Subcontinent, details the abuses against women and children by the Punjab Police after 1984 violence.
The Rape of Punjab.pdf
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Victims, Heroes or Martyrs?
This article by Paul R. Brass explores the inability of the community to integrate the violence that occurred during the Partition in a narrative consistent with Sikh values.
Victims, Heroes or Martyrs? .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [133.8 KB]
"700 Sikhs Seized as Asian Games are Due"
On November 15, 1982, the New York Times reported that the police arrested over 700 “Akali Sikh activists” in anticipation that they would “disrupt the Asian Games.”
700 Sikhs Seized as Asian Games are Due.[...]
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Communal Riots in India: A Chronology (1947- 2003)
This 2004 report by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies investigates communal riots in India, analyzing their trends, the involved parties and causal factors.
Communal Riots in India: A Chronology (1[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [249.2 KB]
India's Sikhs: Waiting for Justice
“India’s Sikhs: Waiting for Justice,” discusses Indian politics as it relates to minority rights at the turn of the century, especially in light of the election of India’s first Sikh PM.
India's Sikhs- Waiting for Justice.pdf
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