Surat (sur 'ət) n.

consciousness, awareness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?

There is no age limit, young or old. Anyone is welcome to join.


How do I register for the team?

Register for free here!


Do I have to fundraise?

You do not have to fundraise. Group runs are open to all team members. Fundraising is specific to runners that want to financially support Sikh non-profit causes.


There is no team where I live, how can I participate?

You can participate by starting your own team and joining runs in the city in which you live or in other cities virtually. We will help you register for races, fundrase, and build a team!


Can I just buy a t-shirt to support the cause?

Yes, you can purchase a t-shirt to support the cause, or donate just $25 to sponsor a Sikh student to run a Surat Fauj race.


Who should I contact for logistical questions and what should I do when I find a running event in which I want to participate?

For questions or help setting up a race, contact We will help you through each step of the proces.


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