Surat (sur 'ət) n.

consciousness, awareness.

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Surat Fauj Race History


National Run in Solidarity Against Violence


The Surat Fauj Running Club brought you a national run in solidarity against violence.


Nationwide Run | August 2013

June 1984 Remembrance Run

The Surat Fauj Running Club brought you a unique way to commemorate our history. We focused on the strength, poise, and resilience of our panth, ran 1 mile in remembrance of our history, and held post-run discussions on 1984. 

New York City
San Jose

Los Angeles


Vancouver Run for Water

The Surat Fauj in Vancouver joined the Run for Water on May 26th. This race generated movement around bringing clean water to the developing world.


Run in Solidarity with Boston Marathon Victims

Surat Fauj Runners in 18 cities across the U.S., Canada, and England ran in solidarity with Boston Marathon Victims. The message resounded that Sikhs stand against violence that targets innocents, and this spirit was captured by the media which highlighted Sikh runners in several cities. View the articles here



Columbia University Run for Achilles International


After bi-weekly group runs in Central Park, Surat Fauj Runners in New York City joined the Columbia University race for disabled athletes. The race took place in Riverside Park and was also attended by the Junior Sikh Coalition.

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